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 I am a fully accredited Golf Professional and member of both the Australian PGA – AA certified and ALPG . The Australian PGA is one of the most respected PGA’s in the world of golf and is an association that has had its teaching methods and qualification criteria, copied by other PGA’s around the world. It is a standard bearer for professional golf and encompasses every aspect of being a golf professional and not just a “teacher”. With over 18 years of teaching and playing experience as a professional, I am not just a teacher – I am a Golf Professional medium

To be a great teaching professional means a combination of knowledge, experience and the ability to impart that knowledge to the student in a way that can be understood and implemented by everyone they teach. My job is to help you get better – no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. I believe that everyone is different and so there is no “one way” to teach. To that end, I have also worked with people who have had severe handicaps, from amputees to people with spina bifida. So again, there is no “one way” – just the way that works best for you. We will work that out together, because this is a partnership and our mission is to get you playing and enjoying this maddening game to its maximum enjoyment.


Lee Carrington Golf: Best Place to Learn Golf in Singapore

Welcome to Lee Carrington Golf, your ultimate golfing destination in Singapore. I take pride in offering exceptional golf lessons, which cater to golfers of all ages and abilities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, I will offer you a wide range of classes to improve your game. As a qualified PGA Professional, I offer personal lessons on an individual basis and also in groups, thus enabling you to play to your full ability.

At Champions Academy, we have great facilities for both the long and short game. I do all my lessons with video/computer analysis. Combine that with a wonderful short game practice area and you will have all bases covered when it comes to improving what you have, or in the case of a beginner, starting out right.  At Lee Carrington Golf, I provide private, group as well as corporate golf lessons. Whether you are a novice or a professional, Lee Carrington Golf offers you a complete golfing experience.

Corporate golf lessons

What better way to entertain clients or build team leadership than through golf?
There are many avenues in which to do this using golf and my services can be used as a vehicle for just that. As an example. I currently teach many personal from Singapore’s leading banks in a group setting. They are having a great time learning something new and fun, whilst building a camaraderie that will transpose itself into their work environment. That’s a win win for the personnel involved and the employers initiating the programs.

I can also provide corporate outings for your valued clients either on the range and putting green in a one or two hour lesson or on the golf course as a playing experience.

At  Champions, the facilities for both the golf and the “after golf” are second to none in Singapore, but without the exorbitant costs usually associated with a golf day for your valued clients and staff.

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Champions Golf Academy
60 Fairways Drive (off Eng Neo Avenue)
Contact Details:
Mobile: +65 9798 5858
E-mail: leegolf18@gmail.com

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